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Barrel Stack

What is it?

- An opportunity to participate and aid in our startup.

-An investment in aging Bourbon

- 22 memberships available! -

And we are sold out! If you are interested in participating reach out. As we will be doing another run of brown spirits this fall.

How does it work?

- You pay the hard costs to make new age Bourbon - $1,500.00

-We produce and age the product for 3+ years

- When the aged Bourbon is bottled and sold you receive 100% of your money back and a case of your product $580.00 dollar value! 

Are there extra perks?

-Swag upon purchase

- Your name engraved and displayed on your barrel

- Opportunity to taste your barrel through out the aging process at no cost

- Option to keep the empty barrel

Join the Adventure!
 If you have any questions please email :

You have successfully registered for the Barrel Club. Thank You!

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