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The Products

Proudly honing in on the flavor profiles and processes of these three primary spirits. They are the foundation of our product line & a benchmark of distinctive quality.

Aquamarine Vodka -The state gem of Colorado, with it's largest deposits found on the top of Mt Antero, located in the Arkansas Valley of Chaffee county, Aquamarine is known for its light blue color, and properties of healing & vitality. Our unique process of filtering our wheat based spirit through this local gem imbues these subtle essences into every drop and creates a notably clean & soft finish on the palette.    


Whitewater Gin - Our botanical gin, exploits floral notes, locally harvested juniper and a winter wheat grain base. This flavor forward spirit meets in the middle of classic tradition and creative exploration. 

Jackalope Bourbon - Our Bourbon is a 55/45 blend of aging  rye and wheat bourbons. This mythical balance of smooth and spicy tempts with notes of vanilla & oak.

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